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When we talk about drones, we have brands of different kinds. Drones have changed photography and courier business in a more effient way. For photographers, Video shooting investors, we have got solutions for you. Full HD drones are available in our shops, and for courier businesses we also have those drones ready. Call us for advice prior ordering.

We also extend free lessons to our clients, on how to maintain our products. Clients are always advised to stay in touch with our office for advice and complaints. Matrix Modifiers "The Detectives" are always ready to support our clients at all costs.

What is new with Matrix Modifiers Group

Matrix Modifiers we bring you a lot of innovations in IT hardware and software installation, configuration and support services. Our technical services are clealy stated below;

  • 24/7 Guaranteed Technical Support
  • Onsight and Remote Hardware and software repairs
  • Hardware Assembly
  • Marketing Services.
  • Logistics
  • Workshop Trainings
  • Computer Tutorial Programs development.
  • In House software development

Matrix Modifiers we have servived all these years, in all our branches for so many reasons. With regards our norms and values, clients are our bosses and masters. Now this has enabled us to connect positively with our clients and also agitate for a good condusive working environment.

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