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Rob Prophet went platinum with his Holiday of love album in only one year. Great thanks to The Prophets Music South Africa and Matrix Modifiers Group of companies. The album is available on the following website below;

1. http://www.oneshop.co.za/p~holiday-of-love-music-cd.html

2. http://www.kalahari.co.ke/music/Holiday-Of-Love/32979/35013042.aspx

3. http://www.irie-records.com/previews/RobProphet&TheProphets-HolidayOfLove/sample.html

4. http://www.loot.co.za/search?offset=0&cat=ifj&terms=rob+Prophet&x=15&y=12

5. http://www.gallo.co.za/

6. http://www.robprophet.com

7. http://www.blackprophetsmusic.com

Matrix Modifiers (Pty) Ltd. The Matrix sales, Matrix Workshop, Matrix Movies and Entertainment group of companies, are located in Gaborone Independence Avenue Plot No. 132 Unit G1 Victoria House.
These new premises are found in the heart of Capital Gaborone. Matrix Management as well is preparing a very big launch please be advised that so many products will be sold at very low prices. The launch will be announced and advertised very soon please you are requested to come and support Matrix International. The Matrix Operations Manager Mr. Robert Kanoonya narrates.

Mr. Robert Kanoonya this time Dubbed (Rob Prophet) with his Black Reggae Prophets Band, Successfully Recorded 20 tracks, 10 songs in English to capture the international market, and 10 songs in his local language (Ganda). The Music will be released later this year. We will keep you informed. Click here to view his live shows and litsten to his old teen music

The long waited Matrix Learning center has come with a big boom and has released computer operations stage 2 and according to Mr. Robert Kanoonya, Matrix Learning Center has decided to let the masses have a free knowledge about computer operations stage 2. We will make a lot of favors for our fans and clients who understand what Matrix Modifiers is all about, the Matrix Icon Robert Kanoonya narrates. Click here to start your course.

Matrix Modifiers is proud to announce the Automatic self training programs with video capabilities (DVD, VCD and Tape support), user friendly while using them on Pc's etc. Matrix modifiers management will allow you to download at a very small charge at only Us$20 per copy. Great thanks to our customers who created demand, Matrix Director Mr. Makiino Dally narrates.

Matrix is for the world's benefit. Matrix Modifiers: "Bulilukya Tukazana."


Old encouraging news at Matrix Modifiers.
Matrix Modifiers management, is in preparation for a special which will be running from software programs to hardware components. Matrix Modifiers will reward all the esteemed customers free hardware and software gifts. We are being touched much when we do not remember, our best customers who call us and sign big checks for payment purposes. The Matrix Operations Manager, Mr. Robert Kanoonya narrates.
Keep updated because very soon Matrix Modifiers will be registering personal domains and hosting the websites at a free charge for our esteemed customers. Matrix will allow you to use its domain regarding the free given as a subdomain for example matrixmodifiers.com/yourname.

"Where I Came From" Launch

The Matrix Movies Production together with the sister companies of Matrix Entertainment and Matrix Modifiers Ltd are very happy to release the Icon Mr. Robert Kanoonya's DVD, which is titled "Where I came from" and Mr. Kanoonya him self is the actor. The official launch took place in Midrand Johannesburg on the 1st may 2006.

The action documentary has targeted his childhood days to the present life he is living. This Movie was taken in Uganda, Botswana and South Africa. The Matrix management, has as well designed a Website to market the DVD and as well market Mr. Robert Kanoonya's Music. Great thanks to the Matrix Entertainment which is willing to take public Mr. Robert Kanoonya's latest Music. Please log on to www.robertkanoonya.com for more details.

The Matrix Film industry started this year and its willing to extend good quality production out put to the masses in southern Africa.

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